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That was simply amazing! 

Now that's going to take some beating. What an incredible showing from our Essex Seniors.

Well if anything will beat that our last event of the evening will.

We've saved you the best till last. Ladies and Gentlemen its what you've all been waiting for and it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the the 40's+ races.

Just look at them, they know exactly what they're doing, its like watching well oiled machines just going through the motions. With a combined age of about a gazillion there's nothing these true bastions of the track haven't done, seen or been part of.

Wait a minute...... who was checking the entries? Surely none of these ladies are a day over 35 there must be some sort of mistake!!

There's some real pedigree out there, and if I'm not mistaken do I see an

ex Commonwealth Games runner in amongst them? You know who you are!

This is going to be some clash, nine ladies teams and can you believe it fourteen men's...

I'm speechless (you wished)

We're just waiting for the last one or two of them to filter back from a pre-race comfort break.... better than getting caught short hey Paula!

A nervous hush descends over the crowd, this seems to be transmitting itself to the runners who have lost some of that swagger.........  its showtime!

They're called to the line.

The air is thick with the smell of Ralgex.... the only sound as that of twanging knee straps having their last minute adjustments.

My goodness this is exciting.

On Your Marks



40 Ladies 1.PNG
40 Ladies 2.PNG
40 Ladies 3.PNG
40 Ladies 4.PNG
Colchester Harriers.PNG
Springfield Striders.PNG
East London Runners.PNG
40 Men 1.PNG
40 Men 2.PNG
40 Men 3.PNG
40 Men 4.PNG
40 Mens 5.PNG
Havering AC.PNG
Colchester Harriers.PNG
Springfield Striders.PNG

Sadly that draws to a close the Essex Running Clubs Virtual Mile Team Challenge.

Once again we'd like to thank everyone who took part and competed, that's 627 of you running a total of 627 miles which is further than Barnard Castle in Durham and back

 ! check the facts on Barnard Castle. Which under the current circumstances is incredible.

We haven't done the final sums yet but we think that between us we've managed to raise over £1000 for the NHS Charity Run for Heroes. 

You should all be very proud of your own personal achievements, you've all helped make this event such a success. Thank you.

Well done to all the winning teams, we'll be in touch over the next few days so we can get you your awards, and we'd love some team photo's of you with them when you finally all get back together.

On behalf of Chelmsford AC we hope you enjoyed taking part in this as much as we did organising it. thank you.

Until next time.....

The CAC Event Squad

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