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Firstly before we get going here's a few words from our Co-Organiser and friend Paul Preston of Colchester Harriers AC......

In early January, with the opportunity for competing completely wiped out for the foreseeable future, we discussed the option to hold a Virtual Junior Challenge between our clubs.

We felt this would give the Juniors a target to aim for, to feel again more like being part of a team and provide some motivation at a time which has been quite difficult for the majority of us

Incorporating the four lower age bands up to U17, the Juniors had to race a 2 mile course of their choosing (1 mile for U11), anytime between 22nd January till 30th January, and then submit their results for checking, with points being awarded to each club for the winning team, and fastest athlete, in each age category for boys and girls.

Little did we know that for the majority of the 8 day period, we would be looking at 20mph winds, and pouring rain, but still, in their usual manner, the Juniors still headed out and put in the best performances they could muster. Maybe some were lucky enough to run with the wind pushing them along.

Some amazing times were recorded, especially given the lack of focused coaching lately, and the motivation that training with a group provides. However, the priority for the challenge was achieved, we managed to have around 50 Junior athletes out running again, at all ability levels, feeling motivated, part of a team, and thinking ahead to better times, which will very soon be here again, when we can all compete together.

Paul Preston, CHAC

Thank you Paul, okay then without any further ado here's what you've all been waiting for, Good luck one and all.


Well its fair to say that couldn't have been any closer, in fact its impossible to have been any closer!

Honours even!

Every single athlete who took part in this event should be hugely proud of their achievement, as a parent of one of them I know exactly how much dedication and effort it has taken, not only to get out and run their race in absolutely awful conditions but to maintain the fitness and motivation it takes to produce these incredible results in these very unusual times.

Well done to each and every one of you, and please all take a bow.

Thank you also to the parents and coaches, who have all gone the extra mile (sorry!) and have made sure our budding young Olympic Champions of the future were able to take part, stay safe and hopefully just maybe enjoy it a tiny bit.

Lastly.... look out for notifications for the next event, not wanting to let the cat out of the bag just yet but it'll be an Essex wide competition. So until next time.

Thank you and stay safe.


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