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349 Athletes

17 Clubs

1117 km Ran

8 Races

£932.50 Donated

1 Wonderful Running Community

We'd like to start by thanking everyone who has taken part in this event and that includes the Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Coaches, timekeepers, water bottle carriers..... without whom an event such as this is not possible. Our biggest thanks however as always has to go to all of the 349 athletes who took part and put in a magnificent 110% effort for their teams.

Before we get to the U11 results please find a few words from Claire East from our good friends at City of Portsmouth AC...

I’d like to say a huge thanks to the Essex clubs for allowing us to join your event. Having taken part in the Miles of Miles in August, we jumped at the chance to be involved and feel some kind of competition, albeit virtual.All of the Portsmouth athletes taking part (U13-U17) are part of the same training group nicknamed “Beasties” within the club. The kids (and parents) have worked really hard to stick to some kind of training throughout the lockdowns over the past year. I had serious reservations about what would happen during the current lockdown with the dark nights, horrendous weather and the lack of dry grass but with characteristic resilience, they’re still going! We’ve had a series of challenges within the group from 1 min challenges right through to mixed 3 x 3k relays to try to maintain team spirit and to give some focus to the training   Participation has been brilliant and kids have run their socks off every time. Special mention must go to some of the group who have managed to get out and squeeze some races in the last year. Big PBs were gained on the track (too many to mention) and a few have also managed to race over a mile and 5k this winter. Notable PBs in the 5k from Oscar, Flo, Chloe, Lauren, Alex and Jonny.We’re all now hoping that there will be a track  season this summer so that we can get back to those long days in the sun with a picnic, camping chairs and the opportunity to cheer team mates from the side of the track!

Thank you Claire, and good luck to all your "Beasties"

Okay.. now for the U11'S Results..

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