Thank you U15's, what a cracking display, now for our finale the U17's and the overall team scores, but before all you good people cast your eyes down the list I have a few words to say on behalf of the organisers...

When we first started talking about this as a possible event and started to contact our friends from neighbouring teams and those from further afield, we had no idea it would turn out to be so awesome. Our one and only objective was to give young athletes something to focus on and a reason to get out and run and do the very thing they all train so hard for and dedicate so much of their time to. We know virtual events can never replace or get near to the feeling you have at a live competition and they are absolutely no where near an exact science but they are the best thing we have at the moment.

Its strange to say but we hope this is the last one we lay on and the next time we meet it'll be in the real world and then the fun can really begin.

Lastly I'd like to thank my fellow organisers, you know who you are and its been a pleasure working with you as usual.

Right! Enough of the boring stuff now you're allowed to look at the U17's results.


The scoring method for the Essex & Friends Challenge

Points are awarded for both individual and team performances in all age groups, and with 1 bonus point awarded in each of the 8 races to the club with the most finishers.
The top 5 runners, 1st to 5th, were awarded 5,4,3,2, and 1 points for their clubs.
The top 3 teams, 1st to 3rd, were awarded 3,2, and 1 points for their clubs.

All points from the 8 races were added to give an overall score.