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Athlete Entry Portal

Please enter details for each athlete below.

Each time you press 'Submit' the form will clear allowing you to enter another athlete.

Boxes will autofill when you enter your 2nd athlete to make the repeat questions quicker to answer.

Closing date for entries is: 21st December 2020

Once entry is closed we will contact each club with an amount to pay depending on the amount of athletes entered.

Price per entry is: £6.50 per athlete

We will include BACS information in order for your club to make payment

If you need to remove an athlete after they've been submitted please email Steve on


For Team Managers Only


Essex Cross Country Championships 2021

Use Format: U13 Girls


Is athlete Essex Qual

Thank you for submitting this athlete 

We have received your information successfully

You can now submit another athlete if you so wish.

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