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You will be aware, that the EYAL season starts in just a few weeks. In order to run the day, each club has to provide “officials”.   If we don’t provide the required number, we are deducted points and at worst, if there aren’t enough officials all round, the day can’t go ahead.  We have a small number of graded officials at the club (mostly qualified coaches and other staff at the club)  but are in desperate need for more.   We also need non-graded officials to help with things like raking sandpits, collecting throwing implements etc.   We are looking for parents to volunteer some time throughout the day to help with this.   The more parents we have, the less time each person has to spend doing something, as we will do a rota to ensure people share the load fairly.  If they only have one event to help with that day, it would be approximately 45 mins out of their day.   

If you are willing to help, please could you email Steve Wilkin by clicking here and let us know, we'll add you to the officials WhatsApp’s group.  For anyone keen on becoming a graded official, please let us know as the club would fund the officials course for you.

Please remember that the club runs entirely on volunteers, so everything the coaches, managers, committee members and officials do, is all in their own spare time, which for many is around their day jobs and other commitments. 

But other roles need to be filled to ensure successful running of the club to continue to make it a great environment for our athletes to flourish.  Any parents/grandparents willing to help, please do let us know and we’ll add you to the WhatsApp group.

Thank you in advance.

Chelmsford AC

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