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Virtual Lock-down Relays

Free - Fun & Prizes to be Won

Starting Teams


And they're off

Positions after Legs 1 & 2

Positions after leg1and2.PNG

Its all still to play for.

Positions after Legs 3 & 4

Ovett is turning back the clock with his gazelle like speed showing the youngsters exactly how it's done, he has a nice cushion over 2nd place but is it enough??

The following pack lead by Ennis-Hill are surely keeping something back for a grandstand finish but just who will make the first move?

There's a lot of class amongst the back markers who definitely have it in their lockers to spring a late surprise, or have they left it to late?

I've just heard from our track-side reporter that our last place runner has had to take an impromptu comfort break mid race and is putting everything in now to claw back some places.

You can feel the tension mounting at this the Chelmsford AC Blue Ribbon event of the season.

Positions after leg3 and 4.PNG

They all fought to the bitter end, like gladiators

With old father time snapping at his heels Ovett dug deep, but didn't quite have enough in reserve to fend off the younger more agile Ennis-Hill, who took it on the line with nothing more than the thickness of a fag paper between them. Five miles raced and all it came down to was a single second.... and in the words of my predecessor David Coleman "Its truly remarkable"

A massive congratulations to Team Ennis-Hill who walk away with the spoils. Well done to Simon Bowring, Sienna Shipton, Finlay Staff, Esme Thomas and Harry Ladd.

Your vouchers will be emailed to you tomorrow and we hope you enjoy spending them. 

We even had a dead heat between Coe and Bolt, arguably two of the most talented athletes the world has ever seen both posting a blistering 32.46.

Thank you so much to everyone who ran and to your timekeepers and pacemakers and water bottle carriers you've all helped us put on a fun event which we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did organising it.......... until next time!

CAC Event Squad.

Final positions.PNG
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