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Race Information

For Athletes & Spectators

Please read these instructions carefully before the event as they are quite different from normal race instructions.

This is the first pilot event that has been granted a licence by UKA so the eyes of the whole running community will be on us.
Please remember that our top priority at all times is the health and safety of athletes, spectators, officials and marshals therefore......

Please do NOT attend the event if you have been ill in the preceding 14 days.

While at the event it is your responsibility to follow government guidelines and observe 2 metres social distancing. In addition athletes will be breathing heavily without face masks so we recommend that all companions and spectators wear a face mask.

Athletes may only take ONE companion into the Arena/Finish area and we also ask that the total number of spectators accompanying an athlete to the event is kept to a minimum.

NO dogs are allowed at the event.

Please read these instructions in conjunction with the map below which shows the various locations mentioned as well as the one way routes that will be in operation during the event.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

MilesOfMiles-AthletesAndSpectatorsMap (1

The Venue
The Miles of Miles 2020 event will take place at Writtle University College, Lordship Road, Writtle, Chelmsford, CM1 3RR. (See Map) There will be a Chelmsford AC flag at the main entrance on Lordship Road, follow the signs from there to the car park.

The Event
This event consists of a number of one mile cross country/multi-terrain races run under UKA rules. Each race will consist of a maximum of six runners, all from the same age group/gender.
For the purposes of the races the age groups will be U13, U15 and U17 plus one combined U20,
Senior and Vets age group. However in the results the U20 and Senior age groups will be shown
separately and the Vets will be split into 40+ and 50+ age groups.
Athletes have been placed in a race within the above age groups and gender based on their estimated finishing time, see the Race List 

If you are late for your race you will NOT be allowed to run.

The Course             
There is no entry to the course unless you are racing. You will not be allowed to walk the course
before your race. The course is a one mile loop around the lake within Writtle University College grounds. The surface is mainly grass but there are two short sections of tarmac path. Due to this tarmac and also the fact that the ground is very hard at this time of year the course is not considered suitable for spikes.   
See Virtual Course Walk

The Timetable

showing the first and last race start times for each age group

U13G 10:00 – 10:30       U13B 10:36 – 11:00
U15G 11:06 – 11:24         U15B 11:30 – 11:54
U17G 12:00 – 12:06        U17B 12:12 – 12:24
Break 12:30 – 13:00
U20/Senior/Vets L 13:00 – 13:42     U20/Senior/Vets M 13:48 – 15:54

Countdown to Your Race
If you arrive at the venue earlier than 30 minutes before your race you can warm up in the warm up area or along the tarmac cycle path/footpath (see map). It is also possible to watch the races from this cycle path/footpath.
The countdown to your race start is as follows:

30 Mins Before Race Time

Your race number, along with your T-shirt if you purchased one, will be available for collection from the 'Number Collection' area where there'll be a Chelmsford AC Gazeebo (see map above).
Please do not enter the Arena area or race route at this time. 
You can warm up in the warm up area or along the cycle path/footpath that runs through
Writtle University College (see map). You are not allowed to warm up on the course.

15 Mins Before Race Time

You and ONE companion can enter the Arena area.

10 Mins Before Race Time

You need to report to the “call room/area”.
We do not have a safe bag drop area, and you can’t leave items in the start area, so we ask that you leave your bags/belongings with whoever is accompanying you or in your car.

5 Mins Before Race Time

you will be released from the “call room/area” so that you can undertake your final warm up and/or strides.

1 Mins Before Race Time

you will be called back and asked to stand one metre behind your start position.


When the starter calls “on your marks” step forward to the start line making sure your toes are behind the line.

During Your Race
For the safety of yourself and your fellow athletes please observe 2 metres social distancing
throughout your race. Please take special care on any corners. Certain parts of the course are too
narrow to overtake while still observing 2 metres social distancing, these areas will be marked as “no
overtaking zones”.
All “no overtaking zones” are in the first half of the race so there will be plenty of time to overtake
your fellow athletes before the end of the race.
Please follow the instructions of the race marshals at all times. You will be able to see a race marshal at all times on the course. If you have any problems while racing please inform a marshal who will be able to phone for first aid if required.

All race marshals will have a whistle which they will blow if they believe that you are not
following the social distancing guidelines. If you hear this whistle please look around you
to check whether it applies to you and then take appropriate action.

Although we can all get wrapped up in the excitement of the race please remember that the safety of
yourself and your fellow athletes is always more important than an off-road/multi terrain mile PB or
your position in the race – please observe 2 metres social distancing. There will be signs at 400m and 300m to go to the finish.

Please remember to observe 2 metres social distancing at all times while at the race venue.
Only one person can accompany each athlete into the Arena.
If you have accompanied your athlete into the Arena you can either watch the first part of their race from there and/or watch them finish their race from beside the finishing straight.
If you decide to move to beside the finishing straight be careful to avoid any athletes either finishing their race or warming up before their start.
Alternatively you can leave the Arena via the “one way” route back towards the car park and watch the race from the cycle path/footpath.
Although spectators can watch the races from the cycle path/footpath we ask that the total number of spectators accompanying an athlete to the event is kept to a minimum.
Please be aware that you will be crossing the course when you enter or leave the Arena, please look out for athletes before you cross.
Once they have finished their race we ask that younger athletes are met by their companion near to the finish area and accompanied along the one way route around the front of the college back to the car park.
Please leave the venue as soon as possible after your athlete’s race.
In line with government guidelines, and for the safety of everyone at the event, we ask that
spectators do not shout encouragement at their athletes.

After Your Race
Once athletes have finished their race they will be directed back to the car park along the one way route around the front of the college buildings.
Please leave the venue as soon as possible after your race.

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