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Kristian Brown Goes Solo at the English Combined Champs

The England multi events championship found Kristian Brown as the only Chelmsford competitor making the journey to Manchester for the two-day event. The first days events were the 100 metres and a time of 11.24 seconds for 808 points, followed by long jump 6.71 metres (746), shot putt 12.40m,(631), high jump 1.72m(668) and 400metres 49.81s.(823) - thus given s fist day`s score of 3568 points and well in contention for a medal. Onto day two and the 110m hurdles with a time of 15.47s and 794 points and the discus with a throw 38.74m (639) and still in a challenging position. Alas the next event the pole vault put dampers on this for no height was obtained. Despite being the leading javelin thrower with 60.42 (744) and 1500 metres in 4m 26.24s (769) the leeway could not be made up although with a final score of 6514 points still achieved a personal best and ninth position. Had Kristian cleared 3.50m which he has cleared that score could have been 6996 for 4th spot.

Article written by Roy Meadowcroft



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