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Miles of Miles, Should be Miles of Smiles.

Yes a successful venture with 175 athletes contesting the range of age groups from under 11`s to veterans. A further 21 competed in the 10,000 metre event - including 15 for the Essex Championship.

Starting with the under 11 year races and there was a victory for Dylan Law from the Chelmsford Junior Endurance  Under 11 Club. Dylan`s time for the mile 5m 26.26s with an intermediate time for 1500m of 5m 06.64s. In the girls Leilla Robinson clocked 5m 46.51 and 5m 25.60s coming through for third place. It was an excellent turnout from the Junior Endurance Club which should feature well for CAC in the future.

Moving to the under13`s and Isla Kehoe set a pb for the 1500m of 5m 11.86s on route to the mile of 5m 33.11s placing fourth - note here that an entry came as far away as Liverpool.  In the boys race Mason Sanford came a winner with times of 4m 45.53s and 5m 09.49s.

Such was the standard in the under 15 girls event we had to be content with third spot - with other placings following on. Erin Kelly (5m 04.15s) was followed over the finishing line by Ava King (5m 05.18s), LILY Sanford (5m 11.10s) and Francesca Philips (5m 20.82s) A second race saw Isabelle Eida & Hetty Harrison well to the fore. Isabelle`s times of 5m 05.48 and 5m 27.02s were both pb`s with Hetty on 5m 05.72 and 5m 24.95s close by.

In the under 15 boys Jacob Parrott took the win with his 4m 31.45 and 4m 54.62s whilst Luke Webb placed 5th.

At under 17 level we had two winners, Sienna Shipton with 4m 46,9s and 5m 15.08s and  Jacob Hurrell who set a pb with his 3m 55.59s and 4m 14.12s. A further win came from the senior men with Joseph Perry`s 4m 00.61s and 4m15.70s, with the second place spot going to Callum Charleston. Rebecca Quinlan just missed out on top spot in the women`s event, timed at 4m 47.08s and 5m 07.77s with Kayleigh Atkinson close up on 4m 54.21s and 5m 19.75s.

So a good day for the athletes, and very satisfactory for the organizers, No there was no takers of the prize offered for a first four minute mile on Essex soil - all likely contenders for this would have been at the UK trials seeking selection for the Olympics. Maybe next year !!!        

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Report written by Roy Meadowcroft



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