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Southern Success at the Scrubs

More medals for our under 13 girls and under 17 year boys - and again they were gold. This time round it was the South of England cross country relay championships staged in the shadows of Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Our girls team consistent of the trio of previous events made sure of not being caught as Heidi Woodley, 7m 36s (4th) was in the leading pack on lap one and from here Ava King, 7m 19s took then into the driving seat and leaving Erin Kelly, 7m 30s, to bring them home ahead of Chiltern Harriers. Good showing also from the `B` team with Beatrix Cooke 8m 02s, Francesca Phillips 7m 34s and Orla Martin 8m 13s in a most respectable 8th spot.

With the boys it seems a different make up of the team on each occasion. This time Archie Durham with his 9m 53s brought the team through 6th after the first leg and from here Sam Plummer, 9m 14s, took them into the lead, which Jacob Hurrell, 9m 33s, maintained to the finishing line.

There were further medals with our under 15 girls coming away with bronze. Ezra Harrold on stage one with 7m 02s came through in second place and from here Lottie Wilkin, 7m 15s, took the lead. Amelie Shipton with 7m 19s faced a battle on the final stage for Brentwood had proved previously that in Olive Forrest they have a rare talent and this took them to the gold with an aggregate time of 21m 14s. Now there was a real battle from Eastbourne who had been moving up and on the line claimed silver by just half a second although Amelie Shipton, running 7m 19s, can still be pleased with that.

To view the full gallery of the event click here

Report Written by Roy Meadowcroft



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