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Hosted by Chelmsford AC

Hello and a very warm welcome to the inaugural Essex Running Clubs Virtual Mile Team Challenge.


Before we get underway, on behalf of Chelmsford AC we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone of you who's entered this team challenge, we're staggered how many of you wanted to take part, a big thank you also to your timekeepers, water bottle carriers, course measurers and pacemakers without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you everyone.

You join us on an absolutely perfect day here in Chelmsford, blue skies with just a few wisps of cloud, a gentle breeze going from west to east and a track temperature of 19.44°C which I'm told is the perfect temperature for running a mile. ! check the facts on track temps

The Stadium is filling up rapidly with friends and family of the competitors and the great and the good from all four corners of the Essex athletics community. You can feel the expectation building.

The race officials are making their final checks, lanyards on...check, clipboards in hand... check........  And now we wait for the official thumbs up from the race directer so we can get this show on the road..

Thumbs up.gif

First up we have the U13's Boys & Girls.

As you'd expect we have a large contingent from Chelmsford AC but not far behind them in terms of numbers we have superb representation from Havering AC, Woodford Green & Essex Ladies, Colchester & Tendering AC (CATs) and Loughton AC. Slightly smaller representation but by no means less important from our friends at Braintree & District AC, Colchester Harriers, Basildon AC, Halstead Road Runners, a lone Springfield Strider and athletes running as indepentents. We're also pleased to welcome a guest team from East Anglia who although are non scoring will certainly add to the already great competition. 

Good luck everyone!

They're called to the line.

Its time for Tik-Tok to stop and to throw down those game controllers.

Race faces on.... they're ready!

On Your Marks



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U13G 3.PNG
U13G 4.PNG
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Woodfford Green.PNG
Havering AC.PNG
U13B 2.PNG



U13B 3.PNG
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