Thank you for rejoining us.

We've reached our penultimate and much anticipated Seniors race.

In the Ladies race we have seven very strong and able teams and the mens race has ten.

Teams from Road Running clubs and Athletics clubs being joined together for the first time in Essex Athletics history by their love and passion of running, simple but perfect.... it's truly a privilege to be a witness too. Wait a minute I must have something in my eye!!

The warm ups, the stretching, the pre-race routine they've done a hundred times, never have they been more important than today. Not only is this a battle of clubs its a battle of Road versus Track and its going to get very real.


They're called to the line.

It's row upon row of pristine pony tails and tattooed fore-arms.

Like Gladiators readying themselves for battle.

Its tense

Its quiet


Oh no we have a false start! Three eager beavers jumping the gun, and now receiving a flea in their ear from the Race Director. 

Theyre called back to the line

This time they get away perfectly.

On Your Marks



On Your Marks



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