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Well I think you'll agree that that was one heck of a way to kick things of here at Chelmsfords' Melbourne Stadium. Well done to all the U13 Athletes who took part, a sterling effort all round.

Next on the race roster we have the U15 Boys & Girls.

Again we have tremendous representation from the length and breadth of this great county of ours.

We've had to make a larger area for Havering AC to pitch up tent for this one, what a turn out!

Flanked by teams from CATs, Loughton AC and Chelmsford. 

By now most of these athletes will be familiar with there opposition and that always makes for a tightly fought contest. There's plenty of nervous stretching and chatter going on as the time looms closer for this battle to commence.

They're called to the line.

Its time to collapse those selfie sticks and forget the Gram.

A long pause while the starter loads his gun, surely he should've been ready!!

On Your Marks



U15G 2.PNG
Havering AC.PNG
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Colchester and Tendering.PNG
U15B 2.PNG
U15B 3.PNG
Havering AC.PNG
Colchester and Tendering.PNG
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