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What a stunning race the U15's gave us, congratulations all of you for putting on such a spectacle. The crowd here are certainly getting their moneys worth.

It's going to be a tough act to follow but next we have the U17 Boys & Girls race.

A good turn out for the Boys, not quite so many for the girls.. I have a sneaky feeling that Havering AC Girls might have this one in the bag!!! A small number from Chelmsford with Colchester Harriers and Loughton AC with a runner a piece.

For the boys we have a three way tussle between St Edmunds Pacers, CAT's and the home team, running alongside them is a plucky Colchester Harrier and an independent runner.

They've all been here before, they're all well acquainted with this kind of event and have the

t-shirt but it wont stop those nerves creeping in, one or two of them still having a quick glance over to mum & dad for reassurance.

They're called to the line.

The preening stops..... this is where it gets serious.

Silence falls over the stadium.

The starter is fiddling about with his hi-viz sleeve and keeps them all waiting..AGAIN!



On Your Marks



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