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Wow! Thank you U17's for keeping us transfixed.... no one was expecting that!

We reach the half way stage of the event, time for a quick interlude to give the crowd time to stretch their legs, and the officials chance to have a rest, saying that.... I know of one that doesn't deserve it!

Some bright spark thought it'd be funny to play 'When will I see you Again' by the Three Degrees over the Tannoy system.... someone thinks they're a comedian!

Back to business. 

We now have the U20's Mens & Lady yes Lady... Amy Thompson of CAT's is the only U20L to represent her age group in this category from the whole County of Essex, which has approximately 33000 ladies between 18 and 20 ! check the facts on the population of Essex

There's an interesting battle shaping up between St Edmund Pacers and the Chelmsford lads, lets see how this one unfolds shall we?

They're called to the line.

Amy Thompson takes no prisoners and barges her way to the front (well done Amy)

The rest are like steely eyed lions trying to psych each other out... will it work?

I'm pleased to say the starter is ready (I think he's had a rollicking)


On Your Marks



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Not Interested

Not Bothered

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